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How to create a new filter for specific targeting?

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When you should use Filters

Let’s say you’re buying in-app traffic from multiple SSPs. Some of the apps you’re buying work really well while others don’t perform as you expect. In this case, you can create a filter that will act as a blacklist and populate it with low-performing apps, then apply a filter to the campaign to omit those apps from selling you traffic.

Such Filter types are available:

  • Domain URL;
  • Site/App ID;
  • Publisher ID;
  • App Name;
  • Device ID;
  • User IP;
  • Bundle ID.

In order to add a new Filter, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the CREATE NEW LIST button. ea9e7f49ea6a063aa15164adb3c09932c2ea4380eb077fe19026d9728007a1b08c96217d7cb22827?t=b578b4af1ec08741816dbdd5f4e0d287
    Add list pop-up window will be displayed:937f8c5f0905b3b8c58e5a73f010f0acdc5cf470d17c9e0fd79b22a405400b7ddfadae3ce2360016?t=78a477d561b9f8ceb0d7db13a1932f42
  2. You can edit the list name by clicking the Edit button:ea1c7dc79e528bcbbce93cbe9fd9af7467918a92cc32295092878da2761ba6f7acf8eec8e4cd66cb?t=7590ffbfaaca542f222fa1cfd4de95e0
  3. Click the filter name to edit your list. Then press the UPDATE button.7c3f858fe7ffdca382e6c8ffa16983744e0826d87ca8b812d7cb35c64e27eeeb4bec2482fce051f1?t=b65246e0a28421c91ec2a305081b3014
    The Update list pop-up window will appear:8731e370e9d278d2c75194b9061b0425c292301bb986da2e349a1d8677d35f486db87936f807516b?t=aa9262915dbef3f9af24149187079cbe
  4. Select the needed parameters for your list and enter filter elements. Each filter element should be added from a new line.
  5. Click the APPLY button.

You can easily edit your lists:

  • Click the UPDATE button to add a new element.
  • Click the DELETE button to delete chosen element.6fa85ac80f7a36c75775c6719dee6161201be51f67f5920214a5795e4717294ae8d3174ad83af6fb?t=1cd41eb00a903b1ad1966d2cf49ae8d2

Once you create a Filter, it can be used for the Campaigns Targeting:

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