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How can I upload multiple creatives at once?

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To upload the creative follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Creative Library tab and click on the ADD NEW CREATIVE button:
  2. Drag the creative to the drop area or add it from your computer, and then press the UPLOAD button:f57795f849ad085aaebf0469af20fcc2d132da18afe7c9768d172b740093eb0d91e5e71a54ff31c5?t=81a2647bc1b8211d36b21d4c79e2eeea
  3. If required, add other creatives, or close the upload panel:4b34ace946b70a4ce3b405408d727578be4d6e3ada0c200808423ff4fade25d338cf82fedadfe61c?t=3a0f2e17901ce499bc1b35f7a68d4dee
  4. You can also upload video creatives by going to the Videos tab, using the described steps above:

Then your creatives will be available for simple Banner, Native, and Video setup:

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